large size Double Eccentric valves for Civil Water project

large size Double Eccentric valves for Civil Water project

We offer double eccentric butterfly valves in DN150-2500 designed with durability in focus. The tilted and firmly secured disc, the optimised seal design and the corrosion protected shaft end zones are all features meet the standard of API609, BS5155  

Low head loss/Suitable for throttling service./Double eccentric disc provides low-friction torque, rapid open-close, excellent operation.

Double eccentric seat provides low-friction, wear resistance and long life service. / Horizontal shaft for standard, vertical shaft mounting as optional.

The resilient sealing ring encapsulated in the disc is fully adjustable and replaceable/Standard SS304 for body seat ring and retaining ring, other materials are as optional.

Worm gear operator for standard, other types of operation are available on request.

GGG50- Eccentric Butterfly valves_副本

Double Eccentric butterfly valve is mainly used in distribution networks and pumping stations. Is provided with a circular flanged body and a butterfly or disc as clogging element. The disc is provided with a seal which is fixed by a ring in stainless steel material.

It is available with one or double eccentricity in the disc. Due to this eccentricity, the friction between the seal and the seat is lower. Optionally telescopic pipes are installed to help disassemble the valve.

Post time: Feb-23-2021