The metal seated check valves we can supply

The metal seated check valves we can supply

Wafer check valves are in-line piping valves used to control fluid flow direction and reduce or fully prevent possible back flow within plumbing systems. Wafer check valves are also known as clack valves, reflux valves, non return valves and one way valves. This valve type has been engineered to automatically eliminate the fluid flow reflux that can occur whenever a process system is shutdown. These valves feature a hinged, flap-like disk (the wafer) that is used to allow and restrict liquid flow. This disk only opens in one direction and closes shut under back pressure to seal the valve against opposing fluid flow. Wafer check valves require a minimum amount of system fluid pressure to operate. The check opens whenever upstream pressure is greater than downstream pressure and closes whenever downstream pressure exceeds upstream.

wafer check valves lug wafer check valve wafer check valve with flanged ends
Wafer check valves, double disc lug wafer check valve, metal seated Type wafer check valves with flange ends
900LBS wafer check valve Silent Check valve Single Disc  Tilting Check valve
900lbs wafer check valve, Disc type           Stainless steel  Silent Check Valve                           Single Disc Tilting Check Valve
Low temperature check valve wcb disc check valve dn1200 48" check valve
Low Temperature, LCB double disc check valve WCB dual check valve with CA15 DISC DN1200 48″ wafer double disc check valve

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